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Optimum Express is the newly designed platform for Optimum Copy Center. Since It's been founded in 2009, Optimum has been a consistent expert in the professional printing process. Throughout this journey we've provided our clients with a broad range of quality printing services using always the latest technology. Almost 10 years later, we are still dedicated to meeting our clients needs in all areas of the print industry and many times, beyond.

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A Family Business

Optimum prides itself on being a second-generation family business. AbdulnabHaider is the First generation owner and has been managing the Business since 2009.

When we first established Optimum in 2009, our main goal was to provide the best possible printing service we can to meet the printing needs and wants of our small community. We've always strived to develop our business to keep it up with the market needs. We started out providing our services to schools and kindergartens, making sure that our services were handed in with professionalism and in a timely manner. With that same work ethic, we always found ourselves in the right path despite the changes in the market place. This ongoing success of our way of operating has led us to participate and conduct agreements with corporates and agents which further broadened our business. This step gave us the opportunity to build new business relationships and strengthen our circle of connections. More than 10 years later, we are still operating with the same principles and looking at a future where we are grasping as much ideas as we can to meet all your needs and wants. 

The founder,

Abdulnabi Haider

A Letter From The Founder