Tamr Organic Dates is a local dates distributer who’s mission is to provide healthy delicious dates that grow naturally. Their passionate team care deeply about localism and building meaningful relationships between local farms, vendors and artists. To kick start their brand presence in the marketplace, Optimum was asked to create a visual identity that would be memorable, effective and creative for Tamr. 


When we were tasked to create the entire visual identity for Tamr we wanted the brand to feel candor and contemporary, yet appealing to the local. 

The logo design for Tamr focused on the letter T and altering it to look like a palm tree. It was designed to feel both subtle enough to appear simple and straight forward in the word Tamr, but also rigid enough on its own to create an impact. This hidden T was intended to to be a symbol of belonging and supporting localism. 

The main black and white color palate speaks both candor and trust and was chosen to go hand in hand with the warm traditional photography style to eventually strike a balance of ruggedness and professionalism.