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Basketball is the most popular indoor game played around the globe. And everyone is having fun watching intense play offs between two teams trying to beat each other. This is also an art which they considered as an air ballet. Indeed, this is the sport that players will astonish you with their high jumps while trying to twirl in the mid air to shoot the ball.

The inventor of this sport game is a clergyman who lived in Canada named as James Naismith who was also an educator and a physician. Naismith used to be an instructor at the Young men’s Christian Association Training Center which has now been named as the Springfield College and is in Massachusetts. James Naismith was born in Almont in Ontario and he gained his education from McGill University and Presbyterian College in Montreal. The game basket ball was invented when naismith was a teaching phys-ed specialist along with Luther Halsey Gulick.

James Naismith was given around 14 days to invent a game which would be an indoor one and should provide an athletic distraction to all those who were a part of the team. Initially, the game was tested and played with the help of a soccer ball and for the goals, peach baskets were used. After seeing the success of the game, the peach baskets were replaced with the open hoop nets. When the game was completed, James Naismith made 13 significant rules to be followed in the game and named it as basketball.

The game soon became popular in Canada as well as America, and then it was practiced in many schools and introduced as an indoor game.

However, the game was stopped playing in YMCA as they thought the play was of a loud and rough nature and diverted the people of the organization from achieving their organization’s goal. It didn’t put a full stop on basketball’s popularity though – the game has already been made a part of amateur clubs, schools, high schools and colleges and so it was played heartily by everyone.

Basketball was played first time on January 18, 1896 by the students of University of Chicago in an experimental game match when they were invited by the University of Iowa. Slowly and gradually, the game became a part of every country and became popular all around the world and in 1983; the game was ranked higher than football and baseball. This was a great twist which brought the popularity of basketball more in everyone’s eyes.

Before the orange ball was invented in the game, the game used to be played with soccer balls, baseballs and then people felt a high need to design a ball specifically for the game. The ball was developed by a man named tony hinkle.

This sport is played between two teams, each of 12 player and a coach, with 5 players from each team allowed on the court at any one time: 2 forwards, 2 guards and a center. The team with the most number of points at the end of the game is declared as the winner. To get points the leather ball should be propelled through a basket. Two baskets are fixed on two backboards situated at the end of the court. The ball is moved by passing from one player to another or by dribbling it, never by kicking or by carrying it more than one and a half steps.

Moreover, violations committed by the players will be called by the referee. The game violations include personal fouls and illegal moves. 5 fouls disqualify a player from the game. And the coach can substitute the players on the bench for players who are disqualified, injured, or tired. At the same time the coach calls timeouts, advising the team on tactics on how to outsmart the opponents.

The goal of each team is to win the championship. And every spectator is thrilled to witness if what team will reach the finals in each season of NBA. National Basketball Association (NBA) is indeed the solid crowd drawing equivalent of professional leagues in other sports. And Clippers is one team that everyone should look out for. Clippers tickets are already in the market for purchased. Early bird promotion is offered so you can have your clippers ticket at a reasonable price. You can buy Clippers tickets online or at the nearest store.

The games schedule can be checked through the internet. Don't miss the fun and take a glimpse of your favorite players live in court. Be there and enjoy!

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