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Why I am not getting a job ?

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Your CV is the way to express yourself to the employer, the gap is created when you do not have the right skills to express yourself in a single piece of paper.

It is not about the length, it is all about impression.

Generally, to any HR proficient, each person is a combination of three things.

1- Skills "Experience"

2- Ability

3- Personality

How to Express Your skills ?

Skills are the easiest to show as if you have it there is always a proof, for example, if you are a good graphic designer, you can always show your designs to the employer. and if you are a salesman you can show your record. Therefore, when you write the CV remember to attach your skill proof. Employers love to see the results of your skills.

It is not what you say, it is what you did and what you can do.

How To show your Ability?

Showing your ability to learn new things needs some level of creativity and smartness. As each job is Different and each company is different, you got to be smart. But, here I note the most common and successful ways to express your ability.

- One of the common ways is to study about the company and the job offer you are applying for and then on the cover letter you praise the company and tell them that you are interested in the products or services related to the job offer.

- Also, On the cover letter praise yourself by telling them your most successful achievements.

- Ability and interest go hand in hand. To the employer being interested in him and his company is a great ability. Because they understand that if you are interested then you can work happily and produce the best outcomes. That is why you have to express your interest in the most elegant terms.

- Always remember: Employers love Positivity and seriousness about development. Business and life, in general, are filled with negativity. Being positive will surely make you stand out!!!

How To Express Your Personality?

When it comes to Personality, you got to remember few things : companies are about people, if you do not match with the people and ethics of a company do not indulge yourself with them. It will not end well. If you got rejected after the interview, do not get upset. personally, wise everybody is good enough, you just need to find the right match.

Who wants you, you want him, who does not want you, you do not want him.

In fact, you can, but most people don't. being aware of who you are and having the ability to change who you are is a difficult thing that most people don't do. Knowing that you got to search for something that matches your personality, and set you well in your career path.

You can't simply Change who you are

- Studying is not related to work Most graduates get really proud of their qualification. some studied for years. But you got to know that Employer does not feel the same way.

Most university qualifications are about knowledge and it is not very related to the market. Also, company managers have a different viewpoint. what they see is money flow. your certificate does not mean much to him. Therefore if you want to make use of your certificate think, how the knowledge I gained can help this company in a SPECIFIC product or service.

- learning the practical English We all know that English is the global language now. And it is the most used language in business Now. Not knowing it will create a great gap for you, and you can easily get rejected from many jobs. But, the good news is you can learn English today free and at the comfort of your home.I started learning English seriously when I was 18, I learn it mostly from Google and YouTube, and I still believe it is the best way to do it. as it is always updating and you will learn the used language rather than the formal language with is better for social and business practices.

- personal website: the new fashion of Identity and professionalism We have to admit, The digital identity is taking over the real one. Although it can be hugely fake and misleading, it still tells a lot about you. So you got to take a good care of your social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Even your Whatsapp profile picture. Employers always will reach out to see your accounts, and sometimes they can be really judgmental about it. so make sure to set them all nice and sexy. For Art related proficient such as Graphic design, photography, painting, ...etc there is a new way of marketing yourself. it is by building a website. In the website, you can share your thoughts, Ideas, and personality. so employers will get a pretty good understanding of who you are and what you can offer. Building a website is an easy task today, there are a lot of platforms providing an easy way to build a website with few clicks with drag and drop method.

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