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Optimum Reseller Program

This program is specifically created for graphic designers, print brokers, promoters and marketing companies who resell our products. We bring your designs to life with professionally printed products delivered to your clients’ hands with the click of a button. You create it, and we’ll take care of the rest. while you can enjoy decent commission

What are the requirements to join the program?

You must be a graphic designer, advertising or marketing agency, print broker, or other professional business that resells our printed products as part of your business.

Reseller Training

You will be given a free course, teaching you about the printing technology used to have a better understanding of the business which can help you when you negotiate with clients.

How do I make money?

We will give you competitive advantage in pricing, so you can reach the customer with a price with 20% to 50% profit margin.

The Process

We print your materials and ship them in unbranded boxes so it appears to come from you. We offer a wide range of fulfillment methods. You just inquire the service online and and keep the rest for us. ( once the application is approved we will provide you with the manual )

Required Documents:

For Institutions: 1-Copy of CR 2-Application Form

For Salesmen: 1-CV 2-Copy of ID 3-Copy of Passport 4-Copy of Visa for non-Bahrainis

Apply Now

you can apply online by Filling the form @

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